This thesis is an investigation into sound as a medium of design and how it has untapped potential in the design of objects and experiences. The contemporary design world prioritizes on designing products which are limited to our visual agencies, using sound as an augmentation or an afterthought to enhance the user experience. However, augmentation is not enough, consideration from the ground up has potential to disrupt the way we use and interact with products and environments.

Contemporary Soundscapes attempts to instigate change by addressing the root of the problem through interventions that reveal these soundscapes and then takes a natural progression towards using it as a medium of design. 

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I immersed myself in the world of sound by talking with a variety of experts and reading up on texts ranging from books to research papers and articles


Consolidating the world of sound in a concept map and using it as a guidepost to determine my design output throughout the year, illustrated in the systems below

The entire body of work can be studied with the book : [ Please reload page, in case it does not show up ]