What The Sound


Experienced best with headphones/good speakers. All sounds in the video were created during the experience, besides the background track.

What The Sound is an interactive experience that tries to challenge the way we perceive sounds that we are so used to everyday. The design of an experience stems from the emotion that is be evoked among participants and my aim was discovery.

Thus I started ideating around the emotion, sketching out concepts ranging from abstract to exact. Through iterations, I honed into the perfect device for this experience in the form of Foley art.


Thus began extensive preparation for the experience. A pop up Foley setup in a rented studio space required everything from mics, soundboards, acoustic blankets to carefully curated foley props to conduct the experience. The curation came from detailed research around the art of Foley.


The posters built for outreach. These were used for social media outreach on channels likeFacebook and Eventbrite , and also posted on impact points around the city campus. The event was capped at 21 people and 19 showed up.

DD Presentation-07.png